Thursday, March 21, 2013

the tale of Ferdinand the moose

{this was written late one night  when I couldn't sleep. it turned out decent, so I decided to publish it. enjoy.}

Once upon a time there lived a moose named Ferdinand Herbert Wentworth, but everyone called him Ferdinand. Ferdinand used to have many things- friends, money and family. After a rough couple of years, it all disappeared and Ferdinand was left to fend for himself. You may not know, but life as a moose is difficult. Ferdinand became a very grumpy and unpleasant moose, and he lived in an abandoned train car. He kept his very few moosenal belongings in there, including his phone and his latest edition of National Geographic.

People have this idea that moose are very unkind creatures. Though many are, they have not always been. Ferdinand used to be a friendly moose, but he became unfriendly as the years passed. One day, Ferdinand heard a sound outside his train car and wondered what had the nerve to wake him up at such an unreasonable hour of the day. He looked out his little doorway and couldn't see anything. He then realized that there was a human in his train car!

Ferdinand had encountered a human once, but it was only from a distance. Now there was one helping himself to the tea Ferdinand had just brewed!

Ferdinand was a very sophisticated moose. He drank tea, wore bow ties and had excellent penmanship. The idea of a dirty human drinking his tea was preposterous so he tried to yell at the human to scare it away. Instead of running in fright, the person simply backed away and asked Ferdinand how his day was going.

Surprised, Ferdinand answered and said it was going just as well as the past three years. The person, still a little nervous about talking with a moose, inquired further as to why Ferdinand had had a dreary three years. This shocked Ferdinand. All the animals of the wood ran in fright after he yelled at them. Were humans really that stupid? Or was this human perhaps showing kindness towards him?

You see, a heart that hasn't been nurtured by love and kindness will grow cold over time. Ferdinand's heart was on the verge of going permanently cold, but this unexpected intruder changed that. Ferdinand was flattered and enjoyed a nice conversation with a human. The human relaxed and continued talking to Ferdinand, while Ferdinand brewed more tea to share.

As they got to know each other they became good friends, for they had much in common. Ferdinand's heart became warm again.

What many humans don't realize is that they do not know the full story of everyone they meet. This particular human had no clue Ferdinand was lonely and angered and generally depressed about his past, yet the human was still kind despite his mean yell. Ferdinand also had no clue where this human had come from, but he was not completely hostile and made and effort to get to know the person. After all, it isn't every day a moose runs into a human on his train car.

Be kind to all you meet, even if they yell at first. For all you know, they could be dear old Ferdinand and be needing a friend just as much as you.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

That story is SOOOOOOOOO sweet!Poor old Ferdinand!