Friday, February 8, 2013

shooting with {very} expired film.

I went to an estate sale in the neighborhood a few weeks ago, and I stumbled across some old film. It expired in 1991 and 1992, so I had no clue if it would be any good. I ended up getting eight rolls just to see what happened. They didn't cost much, so if it didn't work it wouldn't be a huge loss. But if they did show up, they'd probably look pretty cool.

I shot two of those rolls a few weeks ago. One was Kodak and the other was K-Mart brand. I clearly had higher hopes for the Kodak roll, obviously. I read a little about using expired film, so I tried a few things like keeping the shutter open longer, or using a bigger aperture than usual. I was surprised (but happy) that many pictures came out.

These were Kodak:


The above picture turned out so blurry it made me laugh. I'm not sure what I did there, but I think it turned out as a cool kind of blurry, not accidental. :) It's an avenue of oaks with a house at the end, so you still get the feeling of it being a tunnel of trees.

These were K-Mart:

With the above two pictures, neither are great quality but I loved the different colors that came from just a different shutter speed. You never know what's going to happen to a picture when it's on expired film.

I'm glad to know that even 20-year old film will work. I still have 6 rolls to shoot, so it will be fun to experiment with them and see what comes out. :) If you shoot with film and ever come across ancient film, don't discard it. You never know what it will come out like if you shoot it, so why not try? :)

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