Saturday, August 25, 2012

my summer, part one

It's a very good thing my blog is not a living, breathing creature because it would no longer be living or breathing right now. I've had a horrible case of blogger's block (that's a thing, right?). But I have some pictures from my summer vacation that I would like to share since my summer was a jolly one. 

Starting from the most recent activity (I'm not as well organized as I should be), we went up to Michigan to visit my Mom's family. At first, my Dad stayed home because he couldn't take off work. But, lo and behold, he surprised us by flying in and staying the rest of the trip with us. :)

We had a chance to go to Detroit and visit the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. The Henry Ford Museum is definitely the coolest museum I've ever been in. The amount of stuff it contains would take more than a day to see. I actually went two days in a row and still didn't see everything. 

Greenfield Village is right next to the Henry Ford Museum and it's basically a town museum. Henry Ford bought houses and buildings he thought were interesting and brought them to Greenfield Village. You can walk around and see the house where Orville and Wilbur Wright lived and the next block over is Thomas Edison's lab. There's a train that you can ride around the park, or you can take an old bus or a Model T. I got to ride in a Model T both days. It's quite interesting to ride in a car that's almost 90 years old and still runs.

The second day I went, I got to see part of the Historic Baseball Tournament. Basically, it's baseball without gloves. I thought they had cool uniforms on so took pictures.