Monday, May 21, 2012

a haphazard post.

So I took the more recent post about the Esherick House down because the images all disappeared and I'm too lazy to go find them again. Sorry. But I'm sure you didn't care either way. :P

On a more depressing note, my wonderful SLR camera has stopped turning on. I am sad mainly because I had started using this camera more than my digital one. But I'm also sad because I have two rolls of film sitting on my desk that will never be used. I keep trying the camera every now and then hoping it will magically come alive, but so far, nothing.

I've also finished school for the year! I actually finished a few weeks ago, but just had the SAT and an AP exam to study for. Now, I just have to study for the ACT and work on some physics I got behind in, so life is good. And next week I am heading off to the lovely land of Pennsylvania to see lots of friends and eat lots of food and have a jolly good time with them. I'm thrilled! It's going to be a blast.

On another exciting note, I've been working with an orchestra my sister plays violin for by accompanying them on a few pieces! I've played piano for 10 years now, and it's about time for me to start branching out into different settings. It's been a great experience, but I'm definitely going to be relieved when the concert is over tomorrow night. :)

On a random side note, baby flounder are really really cute. See example below.

Told you! He was just a bit bigger than a quarter. Soooo cute.

Guys this is seriously the most discombobulated blog post I've written in a long while, sorry. With most of my school done, I have been struggling with (minor)boredom. I could totally write a post about how much I love the first Rocky movie, but I won't. Or how I like those puffy Cheetos. Or how much I like Ed Sheeran.

I hope to most something more educational/beneficial soon, but I cannot promise anything. Hope you are all having a swell week! (And those of you taking exams, I feel for you and will be praying you don't die, and that you do well!)


i sometimes feel like this lonely seagull wandering about waiting for something amazing to happen. or a fish to jump out of the water. same thing.