Monday, September 19, 2011

no excuse, sir

In Sunday School this past Sunday, our teacher was talking about his years at The Citadel, a local military college. The freshmen are called 'knobs'*, and the knobs can only say three things to an upperclassman. Those things are:

'Sir, yes sir.'
'Sir, no sir.'
'Sir, no excuse sir.'

His main point was the last phrase, 'Sir, no excuse sir.' We tend to think up excuses for not getting things done. Even if an excuse is a valid one, it's still an excuse. He related it all to our spiritual lives and how we may not be diligent in our daily scripture reading or prayer. When we give an excuse for not doing so, we are giving that excuse to God. Can you imagine? Trying to excuse ourselves from God? God can see our hearts so trying to give an excuse for something is, honestly, pretty stupid.

That lesson really affected me. I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to reading scripture every day or praying as much as I could and should. I need to be held accountable for my lack of commitment. When asked why I didn't read my Bible today, I cannot say that I just had too much homework, or that I was just too tired. My response needs to be that I have no excuse for my actions or lack of. Admitting to a shortcoming and knowing that it was avoidable is very humbling to me personally. This even applies to homework that was procrastinated, or not getting a certain chore done when asked. There is no excuse.

I've been working on not giving excuses as much, and I actually have an example for you from my life. I have two friends at church who have been asking me to come to youth group. I've had less-than-memorable experiences at our youth group in the past, so I kept giving my friends excuses for not going. My excuses were along the lines of having too much homework to do. Usually, I did have homework, but it was still an excuse and I made no effort to finish homework beforehand so I could go. This past Sunday I finally decided to go to youth group and try it out again.

Things had changed. Our youth leader really had good things to say. The music was uplifting. Overall, the fellowship was something I know I've missed in past years. I forgot exactly how important and beneficial it is to be with people your age who have the same beliefs and can support and encourage you to live in and for Christ.

Things get better when you don't make excuses. Sometimes the results don't always appear in a positive light, but trust me. They are positive. :)

Now I have a question. Do any of y'all go to youth group? I'm curious to see how other churches do it and what it means to you, so please give a brief description? Pretty please? ;)


*Knobs. They are called so because all freshmen get their heads shaved, hence creating a shiny, door-knob-like appearance. :P Obviously, this "ritual" started long before women started attending, so they do NOT shave the female students heads. ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

pretty dresses

{I know this is late, and that I have hundreds more pictures to show you, but I wanted to get these out before I forgot about them! :)}

While I was in Colorado with my friend, we played dress-up. She had some dresses from when her mom and grandmother were younger, and they just happened to be our size! Of course we just HAD to take pictures. And since I know some of you love vintage dresses, I thought I'd post some pictures here! :)





my friend's little brother :)


Some people say a person is a tree-hugger but they mean it figuratively. I actually hug trees...





We had lots of fun taking each other's pictures. I enjoyed making her laugh. :D



Sorry for the weird facial expression, but this is the only picture of the full dress I have. :P


There you have it! Did you like our dresses? Do you have a favorite? ;)