Thursday, February 24, 2011

my dream at the moment

"Shorth is better than length." - Dr. Seuss
I love Dr. Seuss quotes, even if I can never find an applicable blog post to put them in. :P Now back to my original plan for the post...

I'm dreaming of: a trip to somewhere warm (maybe Florida), a nice glass of sweet iced tea, a beach, no homework, my friends, lots of good food, and my family, of course. I'd want to take them too. :P

My current mental state is what some would call utter calamity. I don't do well with stress. Or debates. Or piano recitals. Or other bothersome issues. And I could really really really use a break right now.

Would you like to see a video of my piano recital? Really? Oh. Ok. No, I won't be offended... Just kidding of course. ;) I have this piano recital tomorrow, and if I do well, I might consider posting the video. Sound good?

Oh and you know that feeling when you've just finished all your homework, and cleaned off your desk nice and purty, then someone comes along and dumps a mile high stack of unorganized miscellany, with a bunch of homework piled in as well? Yeah. I don't really like that feeling very much.

But I really hate writing such a negative feeling blog post, so I'll give you something positive for a change. :P

That little kid is amazingly adorable. And amazingly talented. My choir teacher showed the class this video because it's cute, and because it's really neat how this kid (only 2 years old!) can sing on key. It's awesome. :)

So I bid you all farewell, and a happy weekend!


Monday, February 21, 2011

La Granja de San Ildefonso

While studying for a Spanish test, I was looking through my book and came across a picture from this palace and fell in love with it. I wrote down the name of it so I'd remember to post it on here sometime, and I'm finally getting around to it. :) It reminds me a tiny bit of the Biltmore Estate in NC, but I almost like this one better. :) I thought I'd share some pictures with you from my friend Mr. Google, and I want to hear what you think! ;)

El Palacio de la Granja de San Ildefonso is located in Segovia, Spain, and from what I hear, Segovia is simply beautiful. It was built in 1721 during the reign of king Felipe V of Spain. Apparently the King wanted extensive gardens and fountains, and I must say, they are quite impressive. :)

The gardens are lovely, but the palace itself is magnificent.

That's my very brief overview. :P I tried my best to translate from the Spanish Wikipedia page, because the one in English is rather short and uninformative. But I hope you liked the pictures, and I definitely think you should ask Mr. Google for more pictures, because there is so much more to see of this beautiful palace than you can see in these few pictures I've posted. :) And if anyone is planning a trip to Segovia, I really really really want to go with you. :P

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

what makes me happy

1. Knowing that my favorite flowers in the whole wide world (flowering quince) are finally in bloom. :)

2. Having such wonderful warm weather for once. :) I can finally wear shorts! :P

3. Friends that don't mind my eccentricities.

4. Finding a music video filmed in my very own lovely city by one of my favorite country music singers ever who also happens to be from my very own lovely city. :)

5. Watching funny cop shows with my family. :)

6. Seeing my Bob's Chapstick on my desk and reminiscing about the wonderful time we have with our cousins when we film our TV show.

7. Watching funny YouTube videos by Julian Smith.

8. My computer. I love it and am super duper thankful for it. :)

9. Ballroom dancing. I love this new class I'm doing. We've only had two lessons so far, but it is so. much. fun. 

10. Knowing that today is Thursday. And that tomorrow is Friday. And that my weekend starts tomorrow afternoon. :D



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

capes, handbags and shoes! oh my!

I love the pathetic post titles I come up with. And that one doesn't even include everything I wanted to show you. *sigh*

Anywho. Here are the rest of my vintage clothing/accessories for you to see. :)

This is a cape and skirt set. It's definitely very warm and stylish. My Mom actually altered the skirt for me since it didn't fit quite right. But now, I can wear it and it's amazing. :) Sorry, yet again, for the pictures. My room has funky lighting, and my camera can't decide how it wants to behave. :P

The skirt is longer than that, yes. I just didn't know how to keep it in the picture and have you still see the cape. The skirt is pretty much just a pencil skirt. Nothing too special. :)

I really love the orange lining. :)

And the buttons. :P

This sweater, is possibly the prettiest sweater I've ever seen. I love it. The embroidery is amazing, and it is really soft. The only thing is the sleeves are much too short for my arm length so I can't really wear it. ;(

I think it's just splendid. :)

I think I showed the green set the other day. This is the blue one. The pictures really faded the color, but it really is a baby blue color. :)

I'm amazed at how someone could knit a sweater like that. I can hardly knit a square block. :P

And now for some shoes. These purple shoes were my grandmother's. I fell in love with them when I saw them at her house one day, and a few years later, she gave them to me. :) I have no idea what the height is. Maybe 2 and a half inches. I haven't measured. :P

But I think they're adorable, and they're great for spring and summer.

When my grandma gave me these shoes, she also gave me a matching handbag to go with it. It's really really cute. I love it.

A bad picture, I know- but they do match better than the picture shows. :P

I love those purple shoes, but I almost like the blue ones better. They're also from my grandma. :P

I like them more because color-wise, they go with more, and comfort-wise, they're better because they have a little bit lower of a heel and they stay on my foot better. :)

And that's all I have. :)

I hope you enjoyed them! I'd love to hear what you think. :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

recent happenings

I realize that my posting has been rather spontaneous and rare. It is mainly because my head is usually overflowing with brilliant ideas, but it has stopped for some reason. Maybe it will come back soon. :)

As for what I've been up to lately, I've been doing school. A lot of it. In fact, I have a debate today. When my teacher first announced the debate, I kinda went into autopilot and started hating debates from the depths of my insides. I actually prayed for Strep throat so that I could skip the debate. But, God didn't give me Strep throat so that I could avoid my fears. Instead, He gave me encouragement and knowledge, so that I can go into the debate with more confidence. So that is what I will be up to today. Bravely studying and preparing. :P

At the moment, my bedroom is functioning as an office, a storage room, an art studio, a dirty-laundry-accumulator, along with it's already presumed job of being the place of my sleep. Amazingly enough, I've managed to keep the floors decently clean, but it's still nowhere near the clean I dream of.

My art class has started the oil painting part of the class. At first, I was nervous about doing something wrong since I'd never used oils before. But really, it's been quite fun and exciting. And my teacher says my painting is coming along nicely, so that always helps. ;) I thought I'd share a picture with you, so you wouldn't be too bored by an all text post. :)

In case you're wondering what it is, I'll go ahead tell you before things get too awkward. :P It's an apple. And there's a leaf in the corner. (I've hardly started the leaf, so that's why it looks like a green blob of paint.) Of course, I'm nowhere near done with the painting yet, but I hope it will look nicer when it's done. ;)

My weekend was great. I actually played some tennis for the first time in about 6 months on Sunday. It was really really fun. But now I'm really really sore. :P

And I shall leave things at that. You can be expecting another vintage clothing post in the near future. :)


Monday, February 14, 2011

love is in the air

It's Valentine's Day!

My wonderful Dad gave me some beautiful flowers, and an adorable, fuzzy teddy bear. :) 

I would make this a longer post, but seeing as I still have school and classes to do, I won't. I'll share a picture I took a while ago and edited specifically for Valentine's Day, so you don't think I'm a complete scrooge. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's/Single's Awareness Day! ;)


Friday, February 11, 2011

more vintage fashion

So I did a post with some dresses earlier, but I still had a few more things I wanted to show.

After photographing the rest of the things I wanted to show, I found out that there were more things that I thought. So I will do another post at some point after this one with the last bit of stuff. :)

This first is a cape is one of the items brought to me by my great aunt from when she was younger. :) It's an amazing piece of outerwear. It is reversible; it has a zipper; and it's really, really warm. :) (again, sorr for the bad pictures- my camera has been acting up lately)

Don't you think it's pretty neat? ;)

Next, I have the skirt/sweater sets from my great aunt. I think I mentioned it earlier, but when my great aunt brought these over, she said that one of the sweaters was knit my my great grandma on my Dad's side. I think it's pretty awesome to have a bit of history in the form of clothing. :) The only thing is, I don't know which one it is, so I just have to like both. :P One is green:

And one is blue:

I'd love to hear what you think about the stuff I show! :)

The last few things I have to show include a cape/skirt set, a cute sweater, two pairs of a shoes and a matching handbag. :)

Have a great weekend!


Monday, February 7, 2011

some ocean life fer ya

No, I did not forget about my blog groupies. I just.... forgot about you. And took a break from blogging. I simply had nothing to post about.

Now, I have something mildly interesting to post about. :)

My weekend was superb. Friday (I consider it part of my weekend, because I don't have classes) was great. We had our choir practice in the morning, then our first ballroom dance class that evening. I officially love ballroom dancing. I've done contra dancing and square dancing before, but never learned anything more formal. So we started with the basic steps to the rumba, cha-cha and swing/shag. :) 'Twas very very fun. :)

Saturday was splendid. I slept in, then went running with my Mom that afternoon. We also watched Despicable Me that night. Great movie. :P

Sunday was beautiful. It rained Friday and Saturday, then Sunday morning it was so nice and sunny, it made you happy no matter what you woke up feeling like. :) After church we went to my aunt's house on one of the islands here, and got to walk on the beach in the pleasant (but cold) breeze. There were lots of shells and dead things washed up, and they're always fun to look at. :) If something on the beach is dead, chances are, I touched it. Crabs, starfish, jellyfish, anything. Maybe excepting a whale, but we don't get those very much. :P I found two large horseshoe crabs, and wanted to bring them home for an "examination", and my Mom let me. A few years ago, I had found two dead horseshoe crabs, and brought them home and stuck them in the freezer with the intent to dissect them at some point, but I guess I didn't do it soon enough and my Mom disposed of them. :P

I got lots of pictures of what I found when I got home, since I forgot my camera. :)

I love these shells. Sooo pretty. :)

And these. I love God's creation. :P

I saw this in the sand and had never seen anything like it so I took it... it's a crab of some sort. :)

This- is my dead starfish, that I brought home and left on the patio to dry. And now it's raining. so much for that idea...

A crab leg! or arm... :P I don't know what species this is, but my aunt said they taste good...

This is one of my horseshoe crabs. :D

The eye of my crab. I think it's cool. :P

Barnacles! I love barnacles. They're cool. :P These were growing on one of the crabs. :)
There you have it. I'm obviously somewhat interested in ocean life. :P I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

I'll try to have some decent sized, meaty post for you at some point this week. But we'll see. ;)